Wearable Technology for Health

When it comes to your health, wearable technology for health is a great way to monitor conditions that can become life threatening.  There are many wearable technology devices that can provide you with accurate and consistent monitoring.Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

For example, many people experience problems with blood pressure – either too high or too low.  If you have blood pressure fluctuations, it’s important to have the proper device for keeping track of it.

Today’s blood pressure monitors are high tech and will help you keep great records of your regular blood pressure readings.  For example, the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android is a sleek device that’s easy to use and transport.

With this device, you can take your blood pressure quickly and easily.  The device syncs to your smartphone and you use the phone to start the measurements, record readings, and look at data over time.

When it’s time to head to the doctor, you can bring your smartphone to share your blood pressure readings since your last appointment.  You can even send them directly to your doctor if you prefer.

iphones Pulse Oximeter

iHealth Air Pulse OximeterIf it’s important to know the oxygen saturation of your blood, the iHealth PO3 Pulse Oximeter for iPhones can help you take regular measurements and use your smartphone to record all of your readings.

With this device, you can also share your information instantly with friends or family members – an important feature if you have a life-threatening situation with low oxygen.


Health ID Emergency Medical ID Bracelet

If you have many health conditions that are important to monitor, you can benefit from the Health ID Emergency Medical ID Bracelet with Smartphone Access.  Many people wear health alert bracelets, but they have limited space to share information.

This bracelet is worn just as you would wear any medical ID bracelet, but it has the power to Health ID Emergency Medical ID share information digitally and through your smartphone.  That means you can share information about many illnesses, medications, or other health conditions.

You can also use it to record your blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.  While this is important for first responders who will have instant access to your health data, you can also use it at regular doctor’s appointments to share information since your previous appointment.

The Health ID Emergency Medical ID Card with Smartphone Access works in the same way, but is a card that you can carry in your wallet.  You tap the bracelet or card to any smartphone and the medical records will instantly be pulled up.

Having health information at the touch of a button or the tap of a screen can be lifesaving.  If you’re not able to verbalize what is happening, emergency responders will be able to find out exactly what is going on.

Personal UV Monitor Wearable Tech

But there are other devices that help you have information in a moment that helps protect your health.  For example, if you have very fair skin, you know that too much sun can be dangerous.  But it’s important to get some sun in order to make vitamin D.

sun exposure bandThere are monitors designed to help you know how much exposure you have to UV light so that you can make the best decisions about how long to stay in the sun.  The SunFriend Personal UV Monitor is a device that does just that.

This device is worn on your wrist.  You customize it based on your skin tone and how sensitive you are to the sun.  Then the LED lights on the face of the monitor will begin to light up once you’ve had the safe amount of sun for you that day.

After that, you can choose to cover up or get into the shade.  You’ll be able to get enough sunlight for your health needs, but not so much that you put your skin in danger of damage.

Wearable Posture Sensor

If you struggle with bad posture and back pain, you’ll appreciate the Lumoback Posture Sensor. Lumoback Posture Sensor This device is worn on your lower back and it will vibrate when you’re not sitting with proper posture.

It will also track your activity and keep up with how much time you spend sitting and how many steps you walk each day.  This is a simple device that can help you to get in the habit of standing in a posture that supports your back more effectively.


This is just a sampling of the many devices available to improve your health and wellness.  If you have a specific condition, you should consider finding a wearable technology device that will help you keep track of it and benefit your health.

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